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About David Silveria

David Randall Silveria is the true meaning of KoRn Power. He is the rhythm and beat behind the music of KoRn. The drumming genius was born on September 21st, 1972, in San Leandro CA. David grew up in Bakersfield, California before moving to Burbank, CA at 16 where he learned to play drums just by chance. David's inspiration was Tommy Lee. Before reaching his present stardom David played drums for a school Jazz band where he increased his skills as a drummer. It is said that talent cannot stay unnoticed for long and David Silveria is living proof of this. He has taken his drumming and KoRn's music to new heights in their recent albums and has helped them to reach the degree of popularity which they now hold. David also contributes a lot to the writing of KoRn's songs.

David is married and has a son, David Junior with his wife Shannon Bellino.

He has four tattoos: a cheshire cat on his left arm, one of korn in block letters on his lower back, "Shannon" on his upper back, and a guy stickin out his tongue that has a drumstick through it on his right arm. He has three piercings in each ear [one in lobe, one in cartledge, one on top part] and one piercing in his left nipple.