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David Silveria
dedicated to the explosive Korn drummer David Silveria. Includes info, chat, gear, and a picture collection.

David Silveria of KoRn
I've spent a great deal of my time building this site and I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments please email me at This site was updated

TRiBuTe tO aN AwSoMe DrUmMeR
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Korn Star is Model Drummer
Korn drummer David Silveria has taken up a lucrative sideline... as a model! The sticksman with the million-selling Californian metal stars has already completed a modelling

David Silveria Pics
David Silveria Pics! **WARNING- Thumbnails take awhile too load. Be patient!**...

Silveria 399
David Silveria The Power Of KoRn. by Matt Peiken. This article was excerpted from our March 1999 issue.David Silveria isn't a hypocrite. When it comes to..